Hancock County received $30,056, Allen Township received $15,814, the Hancock Park District got $3,080, and the Findlay-Hancock County Public Library received $1,926, according to the website of county Auditor Charity Rauschenberg. The dishwasher ...
“Today is a monumental moment for some of us with a few decades of county service,” said Hancock County Auditor Charity Rauschenberg. And, it is the first time in history that the county has paid off a bonded debt early, Commissioner Phillip Riegle said.
Hancock County plans to pay off connector road debt early
Through the support of the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation, each year the Lab School offers the opportunity for teachers and school leaders from all parts of the country to experience the Lab School methods and expertise with the intention of ...
Teacher experiences unique art opportunity
To stoke interest in the topic, the non-profit is teaming up with the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation on a pilot initiative for films and emerging media projects that focus on climate change, conservation and the environment, and inspire viewers to take ...
Exclusive: Sundance launches lab for climate change docs
Led by artists Anni and Josef Albers, along with other refugees from Germany's pivotal Bauhaus school, Black Mountain College is remembered as a formative laboratory for the likes of Ben Shahn, Franz Kline, Robert Rauschenberg, John Cage, Merce ...
'Leap Before You Look' a rare art culture collective
Lumières : Beverly Emmons, d'après les lumières originales de Robert Rauschenberg. Pièce pour six danseurs, créée en 1964. Entrée au répertoire du Ballet de l'Opéra de Lyon le 13 avril 2016. Dance. Chorégraphie : Lucinda Childs (née en 1940). Musique ...
A Lyon, sombre Merce Cunningham et lumineux Lucinda Childs
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