To fulfill this purpose, and in celebration of International Womens' Day, we've set aside 200 passes for our inaugural Tech in Asia conference in Bangalore, happening July 6 and 7. If you're a female entrepreneur, or an active coder, we would love for ...
Founder Rameeza Moin tells Tech in Asia that the venture is entirely not-for-profit and came about after a thorough analysis of the existing healthcare segment in the country. “There are only 197 public sector hospitals in Pakistan to cater to a ...
This crowdfunding platform will help you fund critical healthcare for the poor
Rebranding is often undertaken by corporates for better impact, and Tech in Asia has written about several such startups. For instance, Hutbitat, a big data real estate search engine for Australian properties, rebranded to Homekoala after realising ...
Deadly Zika virus could force Tata to rebrand new car
Disconnect is a weekly column in which Tech in Asia's Charlie Custer pokes at holes, plays devil's advocate, or otherwise attempts to rain on the tech industry's parade. disconnect-boom-bust. China's internet industry has developed at breakneck pace ...
China needs to move beyond harsh boom/bust startup trends
“Chinese courts are generally much more focused on documents than on live testimony, so they have in the past allowed people to testify by phone,” Dan Harris, China law expert and author of the China Law Blog, tells Tech in Asia. Authorities have not ...
Judges in China are now using WeChat to conduct trials
For example, we are considering companies to buy, not selling our company,” Jason told Tech In Asia. A graduate from the Wharton Business School, Jason was co-founder and CEO of Valiant Entertainment before he joined Housing as its chief business ...
Housing after Rahul Yadav: time to make some money
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