"Like a lot of white Americans, I grew up thinking that race as a factor in determining one's well-being in life was something in the past, and that it was something southern as well," says Santow, associate professor and chair of the History ...
Race in R.I.: The invisible advantage of whiteness
Santow memperingatkan bahwa tidak ada jaminan bahwa salah tangkap terhadap anak-anak muda ini tidak akan terjadi lagi. "Masalahnya adalah tidak ada jaminan. Jadi kami meminta kepada pemerintah NSW untuk memastikan bahwa sistem IT yang ...
Polisi NSW Beri Kompensasi Anak Muda Yang Salah Ditangkap
The Supreme Court has given claimants, some of whom were imprisoned and strip-searched, until October 9 to register for compensation. PIAC chief executive, Edward Santow, said wrongful arrests had lasting effects on those taken into custody. "One of ...
Compensation to be paid to young wrongful arrest victims after errors in NSW <b>...</b>
"It's been absolutely crystal clear that there was a major problem in the COPS database and that young people were being very, very badly affected by it," said Edward Santow, the CEO of the Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PIAC) which helped run the case.
Wrongful detentions: NSW Police to pay $1.85 million in compensation after <b>...</b>
The Public Interest Advocacy Centre is representing her in the federal circuit court. The centre's chief executive, Edward Santow, said Australia lagged behind the rest of the world when it came to providing audio description. “Many countries ...
Blind woman sues ABC for discrimination over lack of audio narration
After Dylann Roof's alleged racial terrorism in Charleston, S.C., many were profoundly touched by the willingness of the victims' families to forgive. Anthony Thompson, whose grandmother Myra was killed, told the accused “I forgive you, my family ...
Mark <b>Santow</b>: America unworthy of black forgiveness
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