“The way I remember it was Mustin, Nathan Mcleod and myself were in a room of the music building at our university and we started talking about how cool it would be to play music from the game Super Mario Kart,” Reyes reclaled. “One thing led to another.”.
Boss Tunes: The OneUps
photo - Vice Adm. Henry Mustin was a tough fleet boss who oversaw the development Vice Adm. Henry Mustin was a tough fleet boss who oversaw the development of systems like the Tomahawk missile and the Ticonderoga-class cruisers that are at the ...
Retired Vice Adm. Henry Mustin, a combat veteran and fleet boss renowned for his tactical brilliance and demanding leadership style and who hailed from one of the Navy's most storied families, has died. He was 82. Mustin died of congestive heart ...
Legendary Navy leader, surface warfare pioneer, dead at 82
A career surface warfare officer, Mustin oversaw the development of many of the ship and guided missile systems that are at the heart of the fleet's power. Nicknamed "Hammerin' Hank," he was known for his fierce intellect and had a tough demeanor to ...
Bruxelles Devant une caméra ou derrière un micro, Thomas Mustin, véritable bête de scène, n'en fini plus de séduire. Thomas Mustin : un nom dont vous allez encore souvent entendre parler ces prochaines années ! Ce prodige de 25 ans connaît une année ...
Mustii, la force très tranquille
By Tom Mustin. DENVER (CBS4) – Baseball season almost never happened for a group of kids in one Denver neighborhood. It's a part of town that might need youth sports the most, so two men stepped up and made sure the kids could play ball. The crack of ...
2 Men Step Up, Make Sure Kids In Rough Neighborhood Can Play Ball
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