joined by members of the House of Representatives introduced the Flexibility in Electronic Health Record Reporting Act that would likewise reduce the MU reporting period from one year to 90 days. Currently, providers are required by CMS to show data ...
Lawmakers request agency response on MU changes
If there was one expenditure executives at hospitals with shaky bottom lines regret making, it was the replacement of their electronic health records (EHR) system. That's the conclusion of Black Book Market Research, which surveyed more than 3,300 ...
Financially struggling hospitals regret <b>EHR</b> replacements
Four years after what Black Book called the "replacement frenzy," a recent survey from the market research firm has found that that 87 percent of financially struggling hospitals now regret changing their EHR systems due to higher than expected costs ...
Most financially strapped hospitals regret pricey <b>electronic health record</b> <b>...</b>
TAMPA, Fla. , May 02, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — DAS Health, a leading provider of patient-centric health IT and management services, today announced the acquisition of the EHR and Practice Management business of Jackson Key Practice Solutions, ...
Memorial Hospital of Gulfport currently finds itself in the position of improving inefficiencies in its EHR use following years of health IT maturation at the Mississippi health facility. The EHR optimization process represents a marked departure from ...
Moving from <b>EHR</b> Fragmentation to <b>EHR</b> Optimization in Miss.
The U.S. Coast Guard terminated its EHR implementation contract with Verona, Wis.-based Epic Systems and has since reverted to using paper records. Read more. 3. Hours before NYC Health + Hospitals rolls out new EHR, CEO Dr. Ram Raju sets the ...
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