A rare, largest of its type, 2.83-carat violet diamond has been discovered at a Rio Tinto Western Australian mine, according to the Australian. The extremely rare diamond is also known as The Argyle Violet. The diamond will be the showcase of the 2016 ...
Extremely Rare Violet Diamond <b>Worth</b> Millions Discovered in Australia
Two men are expected in Aberdeen Sheriff Court after £142,000 worth of Heroin and Crack Cocaine was recovered by police last week. Officers discovered the drugs in Torry and Nigg on Friday following an intelligence led operation. The men are aged 17 ...
Viewers of a livecam stream from the nest of a pair of Bald Eagles in Pennysylvania are used to seeing the parent birds bringing back food for their hungry offspring. It's one of the highlights of the video footage which can otherwise be uneventful ...
Is a cat&#39;s life <b>worth</b> more than that of a pig, sheep, cow or chicken?
Sean O'Rourke has admitted that while he is “grateful” RTE are paying him so much money – he doesn't think he's worth his €290k salary. The radio host, who took over form Pat Kenny in 2013, was revealed as one of RTE's top earners of 2014 when the ...
RTE&#39;s Sean O&#39;Rourke admits he&#39;s NOT <b>worth</b> his €290k salary
Speaking to BBC 5 Live, he said that "last night's game in and of itself was worth about £5m to them. It's much more about a football story here. A club that won against the odds. If Leicester were to retain the title they will be £70m or £80m better ...
Leicester City&#39;s Premier League win could be <b>worth</b> &#39;£150 million&#39;
Two men, aged 17 and 22, were expected to appear at Aberdeen Sheriff Court today following the recovery of heroin and crack cocaine in the city. The drugs had an estimated street value of £142,000. The recovery was made on Friday following an ...
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