Ramsloh Die Schützen des Schützenvereins „Tell“ Hollen stecken mitten in den Vorbereitungen für ihr Schützenfest am kommenden Wochenende. Bereits am Mittwoch, 4. Mai, wird um 17 Uhr der Festplatz an der Schulstraße in Ramsloh hergerichtet und das ...
„tell“ <b>Hollen</b>: Schützen fiebern Fest entgegen
While Van Hollen may also talk about criminal justice reform, he has not had the personal experiences that Edwards can speak about. She will face Republican Alan Walden in the general election but is widely expected to win in what has historically been ...
Van Hollen is running on his record as a pragmatist who gets results while Edwards continued to talk about women's issues and families. She gained her congressional seat after challenging the sitting Democratic Congressman Albert Wynn in a primary ...
Donna Edwards failed miserably in her efforts to become the Maryland Dem Senate candidate losing to Van Hollen 53% to 39%. Yvonne Hunt, 40, a worker at the National Institutes of Health who lives in Silver Spring, said she had a hard time deciding ...
Van Hollen ran on his record as a pragmatic progressive who is able to reach across the political aisle to get things done. Edwards has sought to place herself as a candidate that would allow women and people of color to represent and speak for ...
Establishment candidates get Dem Senate nods in Md., Pa.
"To me what Chris Van Hollen and others have been doing is racial gas-lighting by characterizing her as incompetent, and by saying that Obama likes him... that's anti-black rhetoric, and another marker why we need people like Donna Edwards", Jackson ...
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