"Don't read out questions that are handed to you by Senator Stephen Conroy or Senator Penny Wong or any of those geniuses that sit on the Labor Party question time tactics committee," Senator Brandis said. "Because I'm afraid Senator Dodson that your ...
Australia's attorney-general George Brandis made a statement on Friday in response to a 2014 report calling for additional funding to offset cuts in every state and territory in recent years, which have denied people of legal representation. Mr Brandis ...
Lawyer stands up against legal aid cuts
The principle that everyone is equal before the law is "not a priority" for the government, a senior barrister has declared, after Attorney-General George Brandis all but confirmed the budget would not add funding needed to quell the legal aid crisis.
Budget 2016: Lawyers to rally over legal aid shortfall
“Over the next five years, the Australian government will provide $1.6 bn for legal aid commissions and community legal centres through the national partnership agreement and direct funding agreements with Indigenous legal assistance providers ...
George <b>Brandis&#39;s</b> response to legal services report labelled &#39;inadequate&#39;
Für die Tageblatt-Weihnachtshilfe „Keiner soll einsam sein“ spendet Brandi jetzt 4000 Euro aus den Erlösen der Stadtansicht-Bilder. „Ich habe hier Familienwurzeln“, so der gebürtige Göttinger, der jetzt in Rheinland-Pfalz lebt. „Ich komme immer gerne ...
Erlös fließt in Aktion „Keiner soll einsam sein“ 4000-Euro-Spende für <b>...</b>
While Tim Wilson is busy wooing the voters of Melbourne's leafy beachside suburbs, the government is using his former position as Human Rights Commissioner as yet another front to attack the Labor Party — but Attorney-General George Brandis probably ...
Finding the next Freedom Boy
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