When she began her term this semester as the president of the Panhellenic Association, Maggie Reisdorf said it was her goal to make greek life at IU less like a system and more like a community. She said the other council presidents shared the same goal.
In a statement, the church said Reisdorf had been removed from her management post because 'Hubbard found that she had 'systematically crashed' production by issuing destructive orders … He stripped her of all rank, and assigned her to clean rooms.'.
Father of Scientology leader David Miscavige tells how he escaped from the <b>...</b>
Ex-Scientologist Lois Reisdorf told ABC News she first met David when she was at Flag looking for recruits to join Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard's personal elite Sea Org unit called the Commodore's Messenger Organization. “Dave was just like a ...
Scientology Leader David Miscavige&#39;s Father Says His Son Changed After <b>...</b>
In honor of their youngest son and his memory, Jim and Ann started awarding the Jason Reisdorf Memorial Award in 1993. This award is given to a B honor roll baseball player at Winona Senior High School who demonstrates remarkable personality, attitude ...
<b>Reisdorf</b> family reflects on storied baseball careers
Larochette a évité la défaite avec un but inscrit dans les arrêts de jeu à Reisdorf. L'équipe de Frank Otto avait pris une double avance en première mi-temps par Gilles Matagne et Fatmir Izberovic. Le Rupensia a réduit la marque avant la pause puis ...
Division 3: <b>Reisdorf</b> accroche Larochette
Remedy äußert sich zu den Problemen von Quantum Break und den anstehenden Lösungen. (1) [Quelle: PC Games]. Von Dennis Reisdorf Autor. Dennis begann 2013 als Praktikant in der Online-Redaktion von pcgames.de und schreibt seit 2014 als freier ...
Quantum Break: Das soll besser werden - Statement zu Problemen
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