It's no exaggeration to say you've got the whole world in your hands. That little ubiquitous device, your mobile phone, can take you places in seconds; it can also bring the world to you. Niki, an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered chatbot, has ...
This <b>AI chat</b> bot lets you have your cake(burger) and eat it too
One of the two leads in the 2013 film Her wasn't human, but an artificial intelligence personified through a female voice. The movie, set in the not-too-distant future, spans the deepening relationship between a man and a new operating system ...
Facebook has launched a 'bots store', letting brands create their own robotic customer service reps that can interact with Whats App and Messenger users. Opening his company's annual F8 developer conference in San Francisco on Tuesday, Facebook CEO ...
Facebook lets brands create <b>AI chat</b> bots
Last month, Microsoft unveiled a new army of chat bots that can carry out specific tasks using artificial intelligence. Now, Facebook may be gearing up to bring a similar set of features to its own popular platform. ABC News reports that Facebook plans ...
You can place an order with Domino's just by tapping an icon on your phone's home screen. It's efficient, but a little sterile. Taco Bell is working on something a bit more engaging, and it's powered by artificial intelligence. They've got a new chat ...
Taco Bell wants you to order your Locos Tacos from an <b>AI chat</b> bot
Microsoft's AI chat bot returns to Twitter, spams followers, tweets about smoking 'kush'. Gina Cherelus, REUTERS. Wednesday, March 30, 2016 2:43:00 EDT PM. Microsoft created a chatbot called TayTweets that uses artificial intelligence to engage with ...
Microsoft&#39;s <b>AI chat</b> bot returns to Twitter, spams followers, tweets about <b>...</b>
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