nlässlich des 400. Todestages von William Shakespeare am 23. April zeigt die Hochschul-, Landes- und Stadtbibliothek (HLSB) am Heinrich-von-Bibra-Platz eine vielfältige Auswahl von Publikationen zu Leben und Werk des englischen Dramatikers, Lyrikers ...
Zum 400. Todestag Shakespeare: Buchpräsentation in der Hochschul-, Landes <b>...</b>
Ms von Bibra said the event was all about helping foster relationships within Ballarat's growing quilting community. Social media played a big part in the promotion of the day and the event was largely attended by Instagram followers of Ms von Bibra ...
Maiden quilt exhibition draws big crowd
ROCKINGHAM diver Rory Shannon was one of the first to try out the new Weldcraft Pro at Bibra Lake's Arc Training Solutions. Mr Shannon, who works at Indianic Diving Services, undertook the course under the guidance of Arc Training Solutions owner ...
Rockingham diver tests out new Weldcraft Pro
CO) - Bakal calon wali kota Pekanbaru, Destrayani Bibra, mengembalikan berkas pendaftaran calon Wali Kota Pekanbaru ke Kantor Golkar Pekanbaru, Kamis (28/4/2016). Ia mengatakan optimis partai Golkar bakal menjadi perahu yang akan membawanya ...
Kembalikan Formulir, Destrayani <b>Bibra</b>: Golkar Ini Dulu Rumah Saya
THE carpark on the south-west corner of the Gwilliam Drive-Progress Drive intersection in Bibra Lake is in line for a $1.25 million upgrade. The carpark is used most heavily by Adventure World patrons between September and April, but is not available ...
Adventurous upgrade
Capricorn Metals Ltd (ASX:CMM) has encountered further thick intercepts of up to 22 metres at 1.58 g/t gold from 171 metres depth, from the extensional resource drilling program at the Bibra deposit in the Karlawinda Gold Project, south west of Newman.
Capricorn Metals Ltd finds thick zones of gold at Karlawinda Gold Project
Postleitzahl de Bibra