Camden Tappendorf and Aden McManaway were Pledge Chairmen. Roll call was answered by naming a "green food." Business included program booklets, enrollment forms and project books. The 4-H County Barbecue will be June 5 and a roadside trash ...
Aldermen also instructed city attorney Julie Tappendorf to begin the process of annexing the land. If everything goes as planned, the city council will vote on whether to annex the lot during a special meeting scheduled for April 11. Over the past few ...
Park Ridge looks to annex VFW site
The city's objection will force a supermajority vote by the Cook County Board to pass the rezoning request, City Attorney Julie Tappendorf said. In a Nov. 6, 2015, letter to area property owners, attorney Nicholas Ftikas, who represents Canfield ...
Park Ridge VFW rezoning stirs talk of annexation
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Tappendorf said that if the city were to lose the appeal and damages were awarded to the developer, the city would potentially be on the hook for attorneys' fees, monetary damages for the development's delay, profit losses and even additional sanctions ...
Park Ridge drops appeal in South Park development case
President of Midwest Engineering and Testing Inc., Tappendorf and 11 others from central Illinois have been in dilapidated Jacmel since Jan. 7, conducting eye clinics and constructing eyewear as part of a "Vision For Haiti" project organized by Trinity ...
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