Investigators found a black bandanna near the crime scene, and a DNA program developed by Mark Perlin and his company, Cybernetics, said DNA found on the cloth matched that of Mr. Robinson. A Feb. 5, 2014, report from the program, TrueAllele, said ...
Appellate court refuses to hear DNA case
"Akhir tahun lah bisa rampung dan dinikmati pengunjung," kata Perlin. Kolam renang ini juga melengkapi fasilitas seperti cafe berkapasitas 70 pengunjung. Cafe yang berada di lobi ini menyediakan menu spesial dari V hotel seperti ikan gurami kremes.
Ini Lho, Fasilitas yang Ditawarkan V Hotel Jambi
Menurut General Manager V Hotel Perlin harga promo diberikan untuk menggaet lebih banyak pengunjung. Estimasi target di 2016 dengan adanya promo ini tingkat hunian di angka 80 persen. "Saat ini tingkat kunjungan masih didominasi tamu yang datang ...
Ada Harga Spesial di V Hotel
"This whole space was just four walls," says Jake Perlin during a tour of the complex. Metrograph's artistic director and director of programming, Perlin marvels over the building's transformation from a former warehouse. "Nothing was here. No second ...
Lighting Up Ludlow: New York welcomes Metrograph, a new for-profit repertory <b>...</b>
Their goalie (freshman Tim Perlin) really played well, but we got to him. Our goalie (Deven Fiandaca) played great too. It's good to open up with a win.” After Swampscott took a 3-1 lead on two goals by Andrew Dove and one by Jack Herlihy, the ...
Napolitano lifts Fenwick over Swampscott
Time Inc. has until Apr. 26 to respond to a lawsuit seeking class-action status filed in Michigan in February by People magazine subscriber Carolyn Perlin. The suit alleges that Ms. Perlin's personal information was divulged to unnamed third-party ...
Time Inc. Says It Will Fight Michigan Suit Over Sharing Subscriber Data
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